Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Prep for Pokemon Home, Gen 6, Level 41 Players and More

Pokemon Go is getting ready for a ton of new content, including brand new Pokemon, higher levels for players to strive towards, and connectivity to Pokemon Home. Yesterday, dataminers posted the results of their dig into the latest Pokemon Go update, which went live yesterday. The new update contains a lot of new code related to some brand new features that tease Pokemon Go's plans for the remainder of 2020. The biggest news coming out of the update is that Pokemon Go has started the process of adding Gen 6 Pokemon into its game. Code for all of the Gen 6 Pokemon, including their various forms, have been added to the game. It should be noted that no visual assets for these Pokemon are available, which means they aren't ready for immediate implementation. Still, it does look like we'll be getting even more Pokemon to catch in the very near future.

We also saw a potential look at Pokemon Go's plans to add Player levels beyond Level 40. The datamine revealed that players will need to complete some sort of special quest in order to level up. Niantic mentioned that they wanted to do more for high level players besides making them grind for XP, so this new quest system seems like it'll tie into their plans. However, it's also possible that the game's level up system in general could also be getting a major overhaul.

The other major bit of code is that Pokemon Go is still working on their system to transfer Pokemon over to Pokemon Home. The latest bits of code indicate that players will have a limited pool of energy that they can use to transfer Pokemon into Pokemon Home. Each Pokemon has its own individual energy cost, and the energy will gradually recharge over time. Additionally, Pokemon Go is also introducing a new kind of Rare Candy called Rare Candy XL, with currently unknown effects.

Pokemon Go's new update is available now.