'Pokemon Go' Adds Gender-Based Evolution Mechanics in New Update

Pokemon Go's next update contains code that would allow the game to trigger certain gender-based evolutions.

The popular mobile game started its rollout of a new game update yesterday, and dataminers have already discovered some potentially big changes to the game. One of the biggest additions is a new mechanic that would allow players to trigger certain gender-based evolutions.

There are currently two Pokemon in Pokemon Go whose evolved form is partially determined by its gender. A Kirlia of either gender can evolve into a Gardevoir, but a male Kirlia can also evolve into Gallade in the main series games. Likewise, a Snorunt of either gender can evolve into Glalie, but a female Snorunt can also evolve into Froslass in the main series games. Currently, Gallade and Froslass are unavailable in Pokemon Go, but the new coding would allow both Pokemon to be added into the game.

When the Pokemon Company released Pokemon Diamond and Pearl back in 2006, they revealed that several Pokemon from older additions had new evolved forms. These Pokemon evolutions were problematic for Pokemon Go to implement, and have involved some interesting solutions. For instance, several Pokemon now need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve into their "Gen 4" forms in Pokemon Go, a mechanic that some fans find frustrating.

Adding a gender-based evolution mechanic in Pokemon Go will be useful, as several Pokemon in future generations have gender-specific evolutions. The Gen 4 Pokemon Burmy evolves into either Wromadam or Mothim depending on its gender, while later generation Pokemon Combee and Salandit can only evolve into Vespiquen and Salazzle if they're of the female gender.


The new update also contains three new moves, a dozen different new forms of Spinda, and a new "photobomb" badge that's likely tied to using Pokemon Go's AR Mode. We'll see what other surprises await when the game officially announces the update later this week.