Pokemon Go Players On Pace to Beat Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players have almost conquered the Global Catch Challenge.Pokemon Go sent out a new [...]

Pokemon Go players have almost conquered the Global Catch Challenge.

Pokemon Go sent out a new progress report on Twitter last night and revealed that players had captured over 2.5 billion Pokemon during the week long challenge. That puts players about a half billion Pokemon away from beating the Global Catch Challenge and unlocking its biggest prize.

For those keeping track, players caught 500 million Pokemon on Friday. If they keep that pace up today, they'll beat the Global Catch Challenge later today.

Pokemon Go announced the Global Catch Challenge last Sunday and offered some big prizes and rewards if players could collectively catch over 3 billion Pokemon by week's end. If players beat the challenge by November 26th, they'll unlock a 48 hour window in which Farfetch'd, a Pokemon that usually appears only in Japan and East Asia, will spawn all over the world.

For reaching the 500 million and 1.5 billion thresholds, Pokemon Go unlocked double XP and double Stardust bonuses, as well as increased Pokemon spawns around the world.

It looks inevitable that Pokemon Go players will beat the Global Catch Challenge, but players should still take advantage of the temporary bonuses and catch some more Pokemon this weekend. Every little bit helps, and this could lead to many players' only chance to catch Farfetch'd around the world.