Pokemon Go Releases New Bundle for Just 1 Coin

Niantic has treated Pokemon Go players to another cheap bundle this week to give them some more resources to utilize while they’re stuck at home playing the mobile game. Like the bundle offered before alongside some free items, this one’s pretty cheap since it’ll only run players one PokeCoin to purchase it. For the single PokeCoin, players who buy the bundle will get 50 Great Balls to catch Pokemon with. It’s not a huge bundle, but it’s a great offer for such a low price, and it’s the perfect compliment to another Pokemon Go event that’s going on right now.

The Pokemon Go bundle was announced within the app this week alongside some posts on social media to make sure everyone could take advantage of it while the offer is live. From now until April 27th, players can pick up the bundle to get 50 Great Balls for one PokeCoin. It can only be bought once though, so unless you’re planning on purchasing some more items at full price, you’ll want to make these count.

If you aren’t sure what types of Pokemon you should save these Great Balls for, consider going for some of the ones that are now appearing more often than usual during the Buddy Up event. This latest event that’s live now is largely about Buddy Pokemon, but it’s also made several rarer species appear more often in the game for a short time.


Those rare appearances include the widespread availability of Illumise and Volbeat, both of which are regional exclusives that are now appearing outside of their typical regions. These sorts of opportunities to catch those Pokemon are rare, so players will want to take advantage of the ongoing event and the new bundle before the offers end.

With the way that Pokemon Go has been offering bundles lately, players can probably expect another offer to take this one’s place after it expires. New measurers put in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic are also still in effect as well.

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