Pokemon Go: How to Get Professor Willow's Pokemon Card

For a limited time, Pokemon Center is offering a free Professor Willow card from the Pokemon [...]

For a limited time, Pokemon Center is offering a free Professor Willow card from the Pokemon Trading Card Game with qualifying purchases. The character should be familiar to Pokemon Go players, and fans of the mobile game can actually use the card to get Special Research in the mobile game! The Special Research will be available in Pokemon Go starting in July, but the offer is live on Pokemon Center right now, while supplies last. Qualifying purchases seem to include items directly related to Pokemon Go, including the recently added Go Fest 2021 t-shirt, team water bottles, and more. Other items, such as additional TCG cards, do not seem to be included.

An image of the card can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The Pokemon TCG has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last year, so fans will likely want to jump on this one sooner, rather than later! Resellers have made the cards a hassle to acquire, and some Pokemon card promotions have seen bad actors spoil the experience for others. Given the popularity of Pokemon Go and the TCG, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that happening in this case, as well. The Pokemon Company has been working hard to produce enough cards to meet current demand, but it's hard to say how many Professor Willow cards will be made available for this promotion.

In addition to the free card, Pokemon Center is also currently offering free shipping on orders over $20, and most of the Pokemon Go collection falls under that category. Water bottles will require buyers to spend a few extra dollars to qualify for free shipping, but fans can always make up the difference with another item.

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