'Pokemon Go' Could Finally Be Adding Missing Eevee Evolutions Soon

A recent datamine has discovered evidence that Pokemon Go could be adding some new items to allow certain Pokemon to evolve into missing forms. Pokemon Go is winding down its rollout of the "Gen 4" Pokemon, with just a few more Pokemon left to add to the game. Four of these Pokemon are Leafeon, Glaceon, Magnezone, and Probopass, all of which are evolved forms of Pokemon that are currently available in the game. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, these Pokemon could only be evolved in specific in-game locations, but that seems like it would be a bit difficult to implement without drawing a lot of complaints from fans who already feel that regional exclusivity hurts the game.

The dataminer Chrales has discovered evidence about how Pokemon Go plans to allow the evolution of Pokemon like Leafeon and Glaceon. It seems that the game plans on adding three types of lures, each of which attract specific types of Pokemon. The Glacial Lure will attract Ice-type Pokemon, the Magnetic Lure will attract Pokemon with a "magnetic field," and the Mossy Lure will attract Pokemon who love mossy scents. Each of the lures will also enable certain species of Pokemon (such as Eevee for the Glacial and Mossy Lures and Magneton and Nosepass for the Magnetic Lure) to evolve.

We'll note that the datamines, while accurate, could refer to unreleased items and that Pokemon Go could always change their mind and not add the items to the game. These datamines also don't indicate a timeline for when these new items could be added to the game. Chrales' datamine also hints at an upcoming "Raid Event" week, so don't be surprised if we get an announcement sometime after the Detective Pikachu event ends.


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