Moltres is Pretty Easy to Beat in Pokemon Go

Last night, Pokemon Go added Moltres as its newest Legendary Pokemon. Players flocked to the [...]

Last night, Pokemon Go added Moltres as its newest Legendary Pokemon. Players flocked to the Legendary Pokemon's raids, but they discovered that Moltres didn't put up as much of a fight as Articuno did last week.

While it generally took teams of six players to beat Articuno, a Moltres raid can be cleared by a team of four experienced players. There's even a report that a Moltres with the charge move Heat Wave can be taken down by three players with strong Raid teams, mainly because Heat Wave is a relatively weak charge attack.

So why are players clearing Moltres Raids so easily? It's largely because there's so many more strong counters to Moltres than there were for Articuno. While Articuno had a double weakness to Rock-Type attacks, it's powerful Ice-Type moves could knock out Pokemon like Golem or Rhydon in a single move.

Moltres has that same double weakness to Rock-Type moves, but Golem, Rhydon, and other Pokemon are all resistant to Fire-Type moves. That means that Golem can absorb multiple charge moves while dishing out its own powerful Stone Edge attack.

When organizing Moltres raids, it might be useful to take stock of your teammates' Pokemon before trying to take Moltres on in a three or four person Raid Group. While four players running teams of just Golem and Tyranitar should be able to take down Moltres with time left on the clock, a less experienced player running with a Blissey could quickly lead your team to failure.

For more tips and tricks on how to beat Moltres, be sure to check out our Moltres raid guide! Moltres can be found in Pokemon Go through August 7th.

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