Pokemon Go Reveals the Most Popular Buddy Pokemon

Pokemon Go’s Buddy system is one that’s been a key part of the game when it comes to [...]

Pokemon Go's Buddy system is one that's been a key part of the game when it comes to interacting with and training different Pokemon during your travels. In addition to benefitting the Pokemon itself, having one travel alongside you helps fulfil the AR fantasy Pokemon Go offers by putting them more into your world than other creatures. You can only have one Buddy at a time to benefit from these perks, however, so naturally, there are a few Pokemon that were chosen over time more often than others.

As part of the celebrations for the game's fifth anniversary this summer, Niantic's been sharing some facts about the game based on stats accumulated throughout the past five years. Part of those stats dealt with the Buddy system with the reveal of the top five Buddy Pokemon. You can see each of those starting with Magikarp who comes in at No. 5.

Magikarp, Gyarados, Noibat, Mewtwo, and then Eevee, in order, are the top five Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go, according to Niantic's stats. Magikarp makes sense in the No. 5 slot given that lots of Trainers would likely prefer to passively earn Candy for the Pokemon instead of actively using it similar to strapping an Exp. Share onto a Magikarp. Once the Pokemon is finally able to evolve, it also makes sense that you'd want to show off the achievement and keep the progress going, so in comes Gyarados at No. 4.

Eevee similarly makes sense in the No. 1 spot. The versatile evolutions of the Pokemon mean that players can round out their teams with whatever type of evolution they need, and if you're wanting to complete your Pokedex as much as possible, one would assume you'd be buddying up with multiple Eevees to streamline the evolution process. Plus, Eevee's usefulness is helped by the fact that it simply looks like a prime Buddy Pokemon, too, so it's no wonder that this one takes the top spot.

As Niantic shares more info like this, players have the Pokemon Go Fest event to look forward to once again as that event approaches. Rumors of Mythical Pokemon and more have been circulating online in the buildup to this year's Go Fest, but it won't be long now until players are able to see everything that's in store during the event.