Is Pokemon Go Working on PvP Battles for Their Next Feature?

Pokemon Go has something up their sleeves, and it seems that some popular YouTubers know what it [...]

Pokemon Go has something up their sleeves, and it seems that some popular YouTubers know what it is.

The Brazilian YouTuber named Leon responsible for the popular channel "Coisa de Nerd" recently posted a video saying that Niantic invited the other YouTubers to Japan to test some new Pokemon Go features. While Leon couldn't give specific details, he did note that the test involved traveling to multiple cities in Japan and even a helicopter ride.

Leon's not the only YouTuber to reference Niantic's upcoming plans. The popular Pokemon Go YouTuber "Reversal" mentioned in a livestream on Friday (that's now been taken down) that he knows what's in Pokemon Go's update, but he couldn't give any more details. Nick from "Trainer Tips" also noted in a recent video that he had two important meetings, one of which he couldn't discuss with his followers.

It looks like Pokemon Go has a big new feature planned and is recruiting some of their "mega-fans" to get the fanbase excited.

So, what could Pokemon Go be cooking up? The popular speculation is that Pokemon Go could be close to rolling out PvP battles, one of the most requested features still not in the game. The Pokemon franchise is all about friends battling Pokemon to see who the best trainer is, but Pokemon Go's battling options are...weak at best. Outside of gyms and raids (both of which are more cooperative events than traditional Pokemon battles,) there's nothing that really itches a Pokemon Go player's competitive spirit.

PvP would totally re-energize Pokemon Go's fanbase and make a lot of its more experienced and high level players happy. Other than new Pokemon (and maybe a functional tracking system,) most players have wanted a way to battle their friends since Day 1.

We'll have to see what Pokemon Go has in store for players for later this year, but fans might want to keep an eye towards YouTube for a sneak peek of what's coming up.