Pokemon Go Still Plans to Make Announcement on Feature Changes Soon

Pokemon Go still has a few big announcements left for 2018.Earlier this month, Niantic sought to [...]

Pokemon Go still has a few big announcements left for 2018.

Earlier this month, Niantic sought to reassure Pokemon Go players that the company wouldn't abandon the game after the launch of the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, which Niantic was developing alongside WB Games. In a brief blog post, Niantic claimed that they'd have an announcement about some Pokemon Go features the next week.

While Pokemon Go announced its Global Catch Challenge, a new type of event that is pushing players to capture 3 billion Pokemon, an announcement about new or updated features never came. However, Niantic is still promising that an announcement is on the way.

Over the weekend, one of Niantic's community outreach accounts confirmed to Redditors that the Global Catch Challenge wasn't the announcement related to new features. In three separate threads, /u/NianticIndigo stated that an announcement about upcoming "feature changes" was still pending, but it could take several more days to go live.

Whether this means that Pokemon Go wanted to wait until after the Global Catch Challenge was over, or if they're still working out the last bugs is unclear. However, Niantic's wording makes it sound like the announcement won't be related to a new feature at all. Instead, we could see some big changes to an existing feature like EX Raids (which the community has largely rejected) or gym battles. We'll also note that Niantic has yet to address the recent change to how items are distributed, which has caused a massive decline in the number of potions and revives players can get.

Of course, this is all speculation and we won't know what the announcement is until Niantic makes it. We'll keep you updated on any new Pokemon Go news as it happens.