Pokemon Home to Add Pokemon Go Connectivity, Gigantamax Melmetal Coming Soon

pokemon home
(Photo: Nintendo)

Pokemon Home users will finally be able to transfer their Pokemon Go Pokemon into the cloud-based storage service. The Pokemon Company officially announced that connectivity between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home would be added by the end of 2020. Not only will this allow players to move Pokemon from Pokemon Go into their main series games, it will also allow players to use the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go to catch Meltan. What's more - any player that transfers a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home will receive a Melmetal with the ability to Gigantamax. Previously, Melmetal was only available by evolving a Meltan in Pokemon Go and then transferring it to Pokemon: Let's Go.

Pokemon Home is a cloud-based storage service meant to be the permanent home for a player's Pokemon from any generation of games. While players could already transfer Pokemon from both the main series games and Pokemon: Let's Go into Pokemon Home, they were unable to move their Pokemon Go Pokemon (unless they were a Gen 1 Pokemon that could be transferred through Pokemon: Let's Go). Adding Pokemon Go connectivity will not only have a significant impact on completing Personal Pokedexes, it'll also mean that a lot more Pokemon will be obtainable through the Pokemon Home trading services. Several Pokemon are quite rare via trading since they haven't appeared in a main series game in nearly five years.

There is one caveat to transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. Once transferred, that Pokemon can't be placed back into Pokemon Go. So - be sure that you're not transferring your most valuable Pokemon into Pokemon Home, because it's a one-way trip.

The update will be completed before the end of 2020. Stay tuned for more information.