Pokemon Go Starts Pushing Notifications to Get People Playing Again


Pokemon Go is using phone notifications to get people interested in playing again. Earlier today, a wave of push notifications hit phones telling trainers about their progress towards their next level along with a friendly suggestion to go out and get playing. "Congrats Trainer," the notification reads. "You're more than halfway to Level [X]. Join millions of Pokemon Go trainers leveling up this week."

The notification appears to be universal, so anybody with notifications enabled on Pokemon Go got the message, even if they were an active player.

Pokemon Go began using push notifications several months ago, largely to inform players about current in-game events. However, this is the first time that the game has simply reminded players that it's still installed on their phones.

Of course, it's not that uncommon for a mobile app to send a notification reminding people it exists. However, it's the first time that Pokemon Go has really tried such a tactic. This could be a sign that Pokemon Go's numbers are starting to fade...or that Pokemon Go is trying to give players an extra push to go outside as the Northern Hemisphere approaches its summer months.


The notification is interestingly timed, as Pokemon Go just announced a new event that begins this Thursday. Adventure Week appears to be Pokemon Go's biggest event yet, as it combines increased spawns, discounted items, and several other incentives to get players out and playing again.