Pokemon Go Players Will Need a Ton of Candy to Evolve This Popular Pokemon

Pokemon Go players have a new white whale to pursue....literally.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go added twenty new Water-Type and Ice-Type Pokemon from the Hoenn region as part of the game's Holiday event. One of those Pokemon is Wailord, the massive great blue whale Pokemon that players have wanted just to see how it looks in AR and as a Buddy Pokemon. Unfortunately, players will need to do a bit of work to get a Wailord, as it takes 400 candies to evolve Wailmer into the massive Pokemon.

Wailord is the second Pokemon that has a 400 candy evolution requirement. It also takes 400 Magikarp Candies in order to get Gyarados, although players can also find Gyarados in the wild. As many fully evolved "Gen 3" Pokemon can't be found in the wild yet, players might need to start hunting Wailmer and feeding them Pinap berries just to grab this humongous beast of a Pokemon.

Luckily, it appears that Wailmer has the same buddy distance as Magikarp, which means that players who make Wailmer their Buddy will get a Candy for every kilometer they walk. That's still a ton of walking, but it's a little easier than what players did in 2016 in order to get their first Gyarados.


From what we understand, Wailord isn't the only "Gen 3" Pokemon that will require a ton of candies to evolve. Players will also need 400 candies to evolve a Swablu into an Altaria when those Pokemon eventually get added to the game.

There's a couple more surprises waiting for Pokemon Go players with this new event, so be sure to follow our coverage all evening!