Pokemon Reveals Giant Lapras Pool Float

Pokemon fans can get into the summer spirit by riding a giant inflatable Lapras in the pool. Earlier today, the US Pokemon Center website revealed a massive inflatable Lapras pool float, which is available now to purchase. The Lapras float is basically life-sized, with dimensions of 72.5 inches by 80 inches by 53 inches, and has its very own ride-on shell, perfect for either cosplay opportunities or for just lounging at the beach or pool. The new Lapras Pool Float is part of the brand new Pokemon Sunset collection, which includes a mix of beach apparel and even inflatable Poke Balls for beach volleyball.

Lapras is a fan-favorite Pokemon known for ability to Surf and ferry players across the oceans areas of the Kanto region. These Pokemon are known for travelling in pods and singing enchanting melodies to communicate with others of its kind. In the Pokemon anime series, Ash caught a Lapras and used it as his main means of transport during his trip through the Orange Archipelago. Like many of Ash's other early Pokemon, Ash eventually re-released the Lapras when he found its family, although Lapras made a brief re-appearance in the Johto region. Lapras also gained a Gigantamax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which allows it to carry up to 5,000 people comfortably during a trip across the ocean.

While many pools and beaches are under strict restrictions during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this Lapras pool float is still a fantastic gift for any Pokemon fan. Whether you're enjoying this Lapras in your backyard or you're preparing for when the beaches finally re-open, this Lapras is the perfect accessory for any Pokemon fan looking to enjoy the sun.

The Lapras Pool Float is available now at the US Pokemon Center webpage for $49.99.