Pokemon Masters' First Event Is Live

Pokemon Masters' first event is now live. Earlier today, Pokemon Masters launched its first Story Event - "Reach for the Top" - which features the new Sync Pair Blue and Pidgeot. The series features Blue teaming up with the player character and Flannery to participate in an elimination tournament on the island. Players can only use their main character, Flannery, and Blue during the event, with their levels locked at specific levels. Once players complete the Story portion of the event, they can keep battling to complete various challenges to earn additional rewards. Note that the bulk of the event requires Co-Op mode, which means that you'll need to complete Chapter 11 to really get things going.

Once players complete the co-op stages, they can obtain special vouchers that can be exchanged for rewards like Replay Tickets, 5 Star Power-Ups and Level-Up manuals. Players can obtain a total of 3 5 Star Power-Ups, which can be used to increase a Sync Pair's potential and allow them to level up even further.

Blue, of course, is best known as the Rival trainer in Pokemon Red and Blue and is the inspiration for Gary Oak, Ash's first rival in the Pokemon anime series. Not only is he a 5-Star trainer in Pokemon Masters, Blue's Pidgeot has the ability to Mega Evolve when you use its Sync Move. Once unlocked, Blue's Pidgeot can also use the move Air Cutter, which hits all enemy Pokemon.

Because the event is a Story Event, players won't actually earn Blue as a reward. Instead, players can unlock Blue by using the Sync Pair Scout at the in-game store. Players only have a 2% chance of pulling Blue with every pull, so hopefully you'll have some good luck. Keep in mind that players need 300 gems per pull, which can be obtained either by completing missions or by complete Main Story events.


"Reach for the Top" runs until September 29th. Pokemon Masters is available on both iOS and Android devices.