Pokemon Masters Adds Giovanni and Mewtwo

Pokemon Masters, the free-to-play Pokemon mobile game that pits players against Gym leader, trainers, and other characters from across the franchise, has added the powerful sync pair of Giovanni & Mewtwo to the game. Giovanni, if you've somehow forgotten, is notorious for being the dastardly leader of Team Rocket, while Mewtwo is the devastatingly powerful Psychic-type clone of Mew.

The new sync pair is featured as part of a Legendary Event called "Lurking Shadow" in Pokemon Masters. Said event is available from now through December 18th at 9:59pm PT. That gives folks just about two weeks to try their luck. "This event will allow players to battle against Giovanni & Mewtwo while also gaining more insight into their arrival on the island of Pasio and their relationship with Team Break, the primary antagonists of the game," the press release announcing all of this states.

Folks who earn enough in-game rewards during the event can unlock the new sync pair, and special event-only items will also be required to unlock its level cap as well as learn moves and skills. In short, if you want the best possible Giovanni & Mewtwo sync pair, you're going to want to play through the event a whole bunch. Speaking of level caps, it has also been raised from 100 to 120 overall in Pokemon Masters.

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The free-to-play Pokemon Masters is currently available for iOS and Android. The mobile game has been trying to come back from a rocky launch with significant changes and updates. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Pokemon game right here.