Pokemon Masters Adds Professor Oak and Mew as Playable Characters

Pokemon Masters has added Professor Oak as a playable character, with Mew as his Sync Pair partner. Starting today, all players who log into the game will automatically receive Professor Oak and Mew as a free Sync Pair. Once they receive this new Sync Pair, players can upgrade the sync pair by completing special missions and also learn more about how Professor Oak met Mew in a special story that includes appearances from Red, Blue, Agatha, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Players will have until March 15th to retrieve Professor Oak and add the Pokemon to their team. Players who log in each day from now until February 27th can also receive up to 3,000 gems to celebrate the game's six month anniversary. Oak's addition to the team follows the introduction of his mysterious relative Grand Oak in Pokemon Home.

This marks the first time that a Pokemon game has had Professor Oak as a trainer who actively battles instead of just an NPC. Although Pokemon Red and Blue originally intended for Professor Oak to be the "final boss" of the game, they eventually removed him as a trainer. Players can still battle Oak in Pokemon Red and Blue by using the "Old Man" glitch, which shows that Oak uses a team very similar to Blue. We've known that Professor Oak was once a talented trainer who was a peer of the Kanto Elite Four member Agatha in his youth. However, he eventually became interested in Pokemon research and gave up battling, leaving Agatha feeling betrayed.


Pokemon Masters also announced that the Hoenn region champion Steven Stone and his partner Pokemon Metagross have also been added to the game. Players can obtain Steven and Metagross using the Poke Fair Scout. Notably, Metagross is one of the few Pokemon that can Mega Evolve in Pokemon Masters.

You can check out the full trailer for Professor Oak's introduction to Pokemon Masters above!