First Look at New Mythical Pokemon Revealed

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro has given fans an early glimpse at the new Mythical Pokemon. Earlier today, CoroCoro posted a "first look" at the unnamed Mythical Pokemon, which will be officially revealed on Pokemon Day. The "first look" shows half of the Pokemon's silhouette and is obscured by other pages in the magazine. What we do see is a massive paw with at least four fingers on the ground, along with a long skinny leg and part of a head/body. It's hard to make out, but it looks like this Mythical Pokemon will be more of a bestial Pokemon rather than other Pokemon that have had more humanoid forms.

The new Mythical Pokemon will be spotlighted in this year's Pokemon the Movie: COCO, which will feature Ash and Pikachu befriending a mysterious forest resident named Coco. We'll also note that Coco's armbands and hairstyle look awfully similar to the new Pokemon's. The Pokemon will also likely be added to Pokemon Sword and Shield via an event or distribution later this year. Typically, Pokemon fans in Japan get the first pass at the Pokemon during the release of the movie, with other parts of the world getting the Pokemon in the fall.

Of course, this new Mythical Pokemon won't be the only new Pokemon popping up in 2020. The Pokemon Company has already confirmed that several new Legendary Pokemon species and variant forms will appear in the upcoming DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which will be released later this year.

You can check out the new Mythical Pokemon below:


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