Pokemon Engagement Ring With Poke Ball Case Revealed

pokemon ball engagment
(Photo: Famitsu)

People like Pokemon. People also like getting married. And so naturally an official Pokemon engagement ring, which comes with a special Poke Ball case, has been revealed so you can propose to your dearest, while also paying respect and celebrating your other true love.

No, this is a real thing. Those aren't my hands! That's not my Poke Ball or my Poke Ring! I don't even wear white! But if this isn't my doing...then who's responsible? The folks over at U-treasure, apparently.

The 'Pikachu Engagement and Wedding Ring' is a brand-new accessory from the Japanese company U-Treasure, who specializes in character jewellery and collectibles.

In addition to a Pika ring, U-Treasure is also re-releasing its Poke Ball alongside the bling. The Poke Ball was previously out of stock, but has been renewed to accompany the ring, both of which will be available starting on July 27th.

For more details on the ring, such as its materials, pricing, etc., then head over to Famitsu. And unless you can read Japanese, bring a translator.

Both items appear to be exclusive to Japan, but it's 2018, so if you really want it, I'm sure you can figure out some way to get it.

While the ring is more suited for very specific tastes -- as in, a soon-to-be-married couple who both really, really, really love Pokemon -- the Poke Ball case actually has some great utility, and can be a great gift for your significant other if they wear a lot of rings and have nowhere to store them. Plus, it probably looks pretty good on a shelf or bookcase.


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As always, be sure to hit the comments section and let us know what you think. And feel free to let all of your soon-to-be-married friends who are having Pokemon-themed weddings know that the Pidgey-gods have blessed them with the perfect ring for the occasion.