Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Customization Options Revealed

Over the last couple Pokemon generations, players have been given a lot more customization options [...]

Over the last couple Pokemon generations, players have been given a lot more customization options in regards to their trainer's appearance. It began with Pokemon X and Y, which allowed players to change their trainer's hair color, clothing and more. Sun and Moon expanded on this concept, but Sword and Shield have taken it to a new level, particularly with the addition of Trainer Cards, which allow you to show off your unique style with players around the world. The upcoming DLC expansion for the game, however, is going to take things even further. Announced during today's Pokemon Direct, players will be able to customize their experience in ways they never have before!

According to The Pokemon Company, dozens of new clothing options will be added, including looks based on characters such as Chairman Rose and Marnie. At a quick glance, players will be able to find tons of new hat designs, t-shirts, backpacks and more. There are even new hairstyles and colors, like mohawks! Additionally, players will have area-specific uniforms based on the climates in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra: a training uniform and exploration gear, respectively.

The ability to alter a trainer's appearance really is a nice evolution of the Pokemon trainer concept. Ever since the days of Pokemon Red and Green, players have found themselves truly embracing the idea of the trainer as an extension of themselves, perhaps more so than in any other RPG. A big part of the appeal of Pokemon has always been the idea of actually taking on the role of a Pokemon trainer, and the more options Game Freak adds to help players customize their experience, the closer that comes to being a reality.

Outside of the trainer's appearance, players will also be able to customize the Rotom bike, as well. Bikes have been a part of the Pokemon franchise since Red and Green, but this marks the first time players will truly be able to make them their own. Rotom has been around since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but the Pokemon became a major part of the franchise with Sun and Moon. One of the few Pokemon that can communicate with humans, Rotom has the ability to enter and change mechanical objects. Perhaps that will play a role in the game's narrative as players make changes to their primary method of travel!

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