Pokemon Sword and Shield Marnie Nendoroid Releasing This August

When Pokemon Sword and Shield released on Nintendo Switch, the game introduced players to a number of interesting new characters, including Marnie. The character quickly became a fan favorite, so it should come as little surprise that she'll be getting the Nendoroid treatment later this year from the Good Smile Company. Marnie will come with her trusty Morpeko, as well as a Dusk Ball, additional face plates, and a stand. Pre-orders for the figure are available now, and it's expected to ship in August. Fans looking for a chibi version of Marnie will definitely want to add this one to their collections!

Images of the Nendoroid can be found in the Tweet from AmiAmi embedded below.

While the Nendoroid is a very cool take on the character, there are some collectors that might prefer a less-cutesy version of the character. Those Pokemon fans will be happy to know that Good Smile is also offering a figma of the character, as well. This version of Marnie also features a number of accessories, including Morpeko in its "Hangry" mode.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Marnie is one of the main rivals in Pokemon Sword and Shield, playing a key role in the game's narrative. The character dreams of becoming Galar's champion, but eventually settles for the role of Spikemuth's Gym Leader after her brother Piers steps down from the role. Throughout the game, Marnie can be seen frequently accompanied by Team Yell, who act as an overly enthusiastic cheering section for the trainer. Sadly, Good Smile has yet to offer Team Yell trainers to go with either version of Marnie!

Pre-orders for the Marnie Nendoroid are currently available from a number of different online retailers, including Pokemon Center, Play-Asia, AmiAmi, and more. While the latter two expect to see the figure ship in August, Pokemon Center expects the figure to ship in November.


Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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