More Pokemon Sword and Shield News to Drop Tomorrow

Some new Pokemon Sword and Shield news will drop tomorrow. The Pokemon Company has announced that they will be releasing a new video containing information about Pokemon Sword and Shield on October 16th at 9 AM ET. No further details were announced, but this could be a pretty big news drop as the game's release is only a month away. Players will be able to watch the video on Pokemon's YouTube channel, or follow the official Pokemon Twitter account for more news.

So far, the Pokemon Company has mostly kept news about Pokemon Sword and Shield coming at a slow drip, with less than 30 new Pokemon species revealed, and only a few teases about what players can expect in their next Pokemon journey. While we know the game will involve the Dynamax mechanic, we don't know the full extent of these abilities or how many species can Gigantamax, a variant of Dynamaxing that changes a Pokemon's appearance as well as their size.

The Pokemon Company has also changed up their approach to marketing these games, emphasizing slow reveals and teases over straight info drops. The marketing tactics have helped turned opinion of the games around, with excitement building despite controversy over graphics quality and the news that not every Pokemon will be available in the game. It also helps that the revealed Pokemon have all connected with fans, with the Internet going nuts over Galarian Ponyta or Wooloo.

We'll have more news about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal tomorrow! To keep up on the latest Pokemon news, keep an eye on our website or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCBus to chat all things Pokemon!