Netflix and Hulu Chose Their Pokemon Sword and Shield Starters

The battle of the brands is now being fought in Pokemon Sword and Shield as both Netflix and Hulu have decided which Pokemon Starters they’re choosing. Both streaming services took to Twitter on the day the pair of Pokemon games released to cash in on the hype and see which Starter their followers are picking. One Pokemon each was chosen by the two companies while the third Starter got left out of the action.

Netflix weighed in on the Pokemon Starter discussion first by saying they’re totally there for Sobble, the Water Pokemon who’s captured the attention of Pokemon fans because of his timid nature. The streaming service called him “Galar’s most anxious Pokemon,” and like many other players who are picking up Sword and Shield, they’re ready to emotionally support the little guy.

Not to be outdone by that pick, Hulu followed up the tweet within a minute with its own take on who people should be picking. Hulu’s tweet got right to the point without asking questions about who players were picking and told them that Grookey was the right pick. Just like your Pokemon Rival always will, Hulu was able to counter the Sobble by picking second.

Both tweets were pretty on-brand for the companies and for the communities that have already formed around those specific Pokemon. Poor Scorbunny was completely left out of the conversation though, so perhaps some other company will enter the conversation and pick up the remaining Pokemon Starter so that Scorbunny at least has someone to go with.


Each of these two Starter Pokemon and the forgotten Scorbunny can be acquired whether you get Sword or Shield, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the Pokemon in the game. While the majority of them are shared between the two versions, there are several which are exclusives to one game or the other. If you haven’t bought either Pokemon game yet and want to know which one you should invest your time in, you can check out aa full rundown of the version exclusives here.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is now available for the Nintendo Switch.