Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Gives Games Retro Openings

Pokemon Sword and Shield, like any new game in the series now, have drawn comparisons to the [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield, like any new game in the series now, have drawn comparisons to the Pokemon games that came before them. Most of those comparisons look at how far the games have come, though there's always those pangs of nostalgia before everything was 3D and when the systems were simpler. As a tribute to those old days of Pokemon, one Sword and Shield player created retro openings for the pair of game to show what they'd look like if they were played on a Game Boy Color.

Instagram user Sindorman said on the platform that, like many others, they'd been engrossed in Sword and Shield games since the games released this month. They put their interest in the games to work by creating one opening for Sword and one for Shield that'll instantly bring back memories of playing the first few Pokemon games on handheld devices.

You can find each of those fan-made openings below complete with the new generation's Starter Pokemon, its Legendaries, and all the distorted sounds and sprites the old games were known for.

The two openings are mostly the same with the exception of the endings where the title and each version's Legendary appears. Both openings also made sure to include the chunky Pikachu everyone was happy to see return in this generation.

Even if the storyline for Sword and Shield doesn't really make a lot of sense, the games are still excellent, according to our review. The new games do fall into the same sets of problems the older games did, but our review still called it "the future of the Pokemon franchise" and said these games would be looked upon favorably once controversies have subsided and people had a chance to experience them. You can read that full review here.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for the Nintendo Switch.