Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Snom Into Frosmoth

A somewhat common Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield requires some specific conditions to evolve it into its final form. One of the weakest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Snom, an Ice/Bug-type Pokemon found in the snowy areas around Circhester and Wyndon City. Snom has pretty atrocious base stats and only learns two moves - Struggle Bug and Powder Snow. Given its weak stats and pathetic moveset, it's no wonder that Snom disguises itself as an icicle to sleep, since most Pokemon would be able to beat it in a battle.

While Snom isn't much to write home about, its evolved form Frosmoth is an intriguing Pokemon due to its Ability Shield Dust, which negates effects caused by damaging moves, and its Hidden Ability Ice Scales, which halves the amount of damage taken from special moves. In order to evolve Snom into Frosmoth, players need to level up the Pokemon at night while it has High Friendship. Thanks to the Pokemon Camp, getting High Friendship with your Pokemon shouldn't be too difficult - players simply need to keep Snom on their team when they enter a Pokemon Camp and then play with it and feed it curry. To help the process along, players should also attach the Soothe Bell to Snom, which causes Friendship to advance even faster.

Players can judge Snom's friendship level by either talking to it at the Pokemon Camp (the more hearts that appear over its head, the more it likes you) or by going to the Friendship tester in Hammerlocke City. Just make sure that you level the Pokemon up at night, or else Snom won't evolve.


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