Pokemon Sword and Shield's Free Victini Giveaway Is Live

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have a short window to get their free Victini. Today, The Pokemon Company kicked off its Pokemon World Championship by giving away a Victini, a Pokemon associated with victory, for this weekend over. Players can use the code W0RLD22V1CT0RY in Pokemon Sword and Shield to get their free Victini. This Victini comes with the moves V-Create, Zen Headbutt, Work Up, and Flame Charge and comes holding a Starf Berry. This marks the first time that Victini has been available to obtain in Pokemon Sword and Shield outside of transferring an existing Victini in through Pokemon Home. A special Sinistea holding a Moo Moo Milk will also be sent to players who attend the Pokemon World Championships in person. The Victini code will only be good through this Sunday and can be redeemed through the Mystery Gift menu in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

The Pokemon World Championships is an annual event that features the finale of year-long competitions in both the Pokemon video games and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This year, the event expanded to four days to accommodate increased competition sizes (caused by three years of virtual play) and the addition of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite competitions. This year will also be the final year of Pokken Tournament DX competitions, ending that game's presence at the World Championships. 

For those not competing in the events, players can watch the Pokemon World Championships on Pokemon's Twitch channels. While this weekend will feature a lot of action, we'll also get some new news about the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet when the Championships hold their Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. 

Be sure to download Victini while you can. The giveaway will run through this Sunday.