Logan Paul Claims He Won't Buy Any More Pokemon Cards

Logan Paul has decided to stop his expensive hobby of collecting rare Pokemon cards. The YouTube personality explained on his Impaulsive Podcast that, after sinking nearly $300,000 into purchasing rare Pokemon cards, he felt he had "maxed out" his Pokemon card hobby. "Now, I'm in a weird point where, to be honest, I've maxed out my Pokemon endeavor," Paul said. "I cannot and will not spend any more f**king money on Pokemon cards." Paul compared his Pokemon card hobby to his professional boxing career, noting that he went from "hitting the pads" to "selling out the Staples Center" in a highly publicized loss during what was his only professional match to date.

While Paul is a noted Pokemon fan (he has a tattoo of Charizard on his back), Paul's current flirtation with Pokemon cards started in September 2020, when he started investing in rare Pokemon cards. Paul's interest in Pokemon cards led to an explosion in interest in the hobby, with some cards seeing as much as a 100% increase in value. Paul's particular interest was in rare, vintage Pokemon cards, which included the purchase a 10-grade first edition Charizard card for $150,000. Paul documented his various Pokemon card purchases, and even wound up hospitalized after filming a "prank video" in which he punched a window after getting "upset" over a fake Pokemon card.


Despite Paul suddenly dropping out of the hobby, it's unlikely that the persistent interest in graded Pokemon cards will go away. Not only is the Pokemon Trading Card Game one of the biggest trading card games in the world, rare cards continue to sell for big dollars, even before Paul started featuring cards on his videos. Paul certainly brought new eyes to the card collecting hobby, but it certainly will continue on without his patronage.