Pokemon TCG Debuts New Reverse Holofoil Card

A new reverse holofoil pattern has come to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This month, The Pokemon Company released VMAX Climax, a brand new set of Pokemon cards over in Japan. The new set introduces several new styles of cards, including the return of "Character Rare" cards, alternate art cards showing iconic Pokemon characters with their signature Pokemon. However, the set also features a new style of reverse holofoil card. The reverse holofoil card in each pack of VMAX Climax features a distinctive brick pattern, which is new to the game. You can check out the new card style in the tweet below, courtesy of Pokemon TCG site PokeBeach.com:

The VMAX Climax set represents the unofficial start of a new era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, as it contains the first new Pokemon VSTAR cards, a new type of card acts as a combination of sorts between the Pokemon VMAX mechanic and the Pokemon GX mechanic from the "Sun & Moon" era of the game. Each Pokemon VSTAR card has a unique move or ability that can be triggered once per game. The game also features new Ultra Rare Gold cards, featuring an alternative gold foil pattern for certain Ultra Rare cards.

The VMAX Climax set will be mostly reprinted for international markets in the "Brilliant Stars" set that will come out in February 2022. "Brilliant Stars" will contain over 170 cards, including 4 Pokemon VSTAR cards and 3 Pokemon VMAX cards and 30 Character Rare cards. Two Pokemon confirmed to have Pokemon VSTAR cards in the upcoming set are Charizard and Arceus. They appear to be joined by Whimsicott and Shaymin, who also appear on booster pack artwork. Additionally, Glaceon and Leafeon are also receiving VSTAR cards in separate box sets that will also be released in early 2022. The set will be released via standard booster packs as well as Elite Trainer Boxes and tins. Assumably, "Brilliant Stars" will also feature the new reverse holofoil cards as well. 

The "VMAX Climax" set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game is available now in Japan. "Brilliant Stars" will be released in the United States on February 28, 2022.