Pokemon Unite Adds New Pokemon to Roster

Pokemon Unite has a new roster addition. The popular MOBA-style game has added Sableye as its newest Pokemon, adding a new Supporter-type Pokemon to its roster. This is a Pokemon built around stealth and hindering opponents, with most of its core moves designed not for direct attack. Sableye's Shadow Sneak ability allows it to turn invisible and gain movement speed, which in essence gives Sableye the ability to spy on opponents. Meanwhile, Sableye also has access to Feint Attack, a move that places fake Aeos Energy on the ground. Players who pick up the fake Aeos Energy are slowed, making them more vulnerable to attack. Sableye's other attacks include Knock Off, which stuns opponents and causes them to drop Aeos Energy, and Confuse Ray, which deals damage and "confuses" an enemy Pokemon. Any Pokemon confused by Confuse Ray will target ally Pokemon first, followed by Wild Pokemon, and then enemy Pokemon. 

Sableye can also force enemies to recall back to their base with its Unite Move Phantom Ambush, which can disrupt a team's plans when used well. 

Unfortunately, Sableye is only available to players who pay 575 Gems, which costs real-world money to acquire. There is currently no other way to obtain Sableye, although the Pokemon will be available for coins at a later date.

The next two Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite, at least according to datamines, are Urshifu and Dragapult. Both Pokemon hail from the Galar region, with Urshifu being a Legendary Pokemon and Dragapult being a pseudo-legendary in the vein of Dragonite. more details about both Pokemon are expected to be released soon.

Pokemon Unite is available on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices as a free-to-play game.