Pokimane Reveals Why She Doesn't Want to Join an Esports Organization

For many popular content creators on Twitch, joining an esports organization is a fantastic way to grow their brand, notoriety, and perhaps most importantly, ensure that money is continuing to flow in at a steady rate. When many streamers tend to get big enough, you'll often see them partner with these gaming organizations at one time or another. However, Twitch's biggest female streamer, Pokimane, is someone who has never decided to do this tactic for herself. Now, she has explained why. 

In a recent stream on her Twitch channel, Pokimane was asked by a viewer about whether or not she thinks it's viable for many larger content creators to join a gaming organization at one point or another. Pokimane said vehemently that she doesn't think that joining a larger company is good for many streamers, primarily because she tends to think that some of them get "lowballed" when it comes to offers. 

Speaking more to her own personal situation, Pokimane revealed that she has been offered partnerships with esports companies many times over the years, but she always ends up turning it down because she values her own freedom. "I've gotten a lot of offers from organizations, but I always just felt like [...] I just want to be me. I don't want to be under another company," she said of her own choices. "I don't want anybody telling me what to do, how to live, how to be."

Even though Pokimane didn't think that joining a larger gaming company would be good for her own career, she clearly didn't think poorly of the idea in a general sense. In fact, many of Poki's own friends within the streaming community on Twitch have joined on with larger organizations and have found great success in that regard. For Pokimane, it just comes down to her making the choices that she thinks might be best for her own self. And given that she still happens to be one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, it's hard to argue that she has made a bad choice in this regard.


[H/T Dexerto]