Learn How To Make Adorable Pompom Pokemon With This New Book

Pompom Pokemon by Sachiko Susa contains 32 patterns with photographs and instructions that teach [...]


Pompom Pokemon by Sachiko Susa contains 32 patterns with photographs and instructions that teach you how to make your own fuzzy little Pokemon figures!

The book is available to order on Amazon right now, and it's covered by their pre-order guarantee. You won't be charged until it ships and you'll automatically get any discounts that occur between the time that you order and the September 11th release date. The video below from Marimo Marshmallow gives you a peek inside the original Japanese edition. It also includes a demo for creating a Pikachu pompom so you know what level of crafting you're getting yourself into.

The only downside is that the book isn't part of a kit, so beginners will have to hunt down the materials before getting started. Still, these little Pokemon pompoms are pretty adorable. Not quite adorable as the Pokemon World Championships 2018 exclusive Pikachu plush mind you, but that's in a cuteness category all by itself.


On a related note, Pokemon Pikachu Funko Pop figure was released last month as a Target exclusive, but getting your hands on one was no easy task. The figure was also available to order online for all of five minutes before it sold out. Target has a reputation for disappointing collectors with the availability of their Funko exclusives, and the highly coveted Pikachu figure, sadly, was no exception.

However, the existence of an online listing means that you can keep tabs on it for a restock, and possibly order one online for pickup in your local store if they become available. If the listing disappears altogether, you'll know that paying a premium on eBay is probably your only option at that point. Or you could just bite the bullet and grab one from eBay now because they're definitely not going to get any cheaper.

The Target exclusive Pikachu figure is the first and only officially licensed Pokemon Funko Pop figure on market, which makes it extra collectible. It seems likely that we'll see a wider release of Pokemon Funko Pops in the future, but nothing has been confirmed thus far.

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