Post-Apocalyptic Car Combat Game Wreckland Run Coming to Kickstarter

Renegade Game Studios has been keeping busy with all sorts of Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, and Transformers releases, but they are also developing new properties, and that includes their newest game heading to Kickstarter titled Wreckland Run. Wreckland Run is a new game from Warp's Edge designer Scott Almes and developer T.C. Petty III, and delivers an action-packed vehicular combat game set in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world. Like Warp's Edge, Wreckland Run is part of the Solo Hero series of games, and the title is slated to hit Kickstarter on February 8th.

The announcement says the game is full of vehicular carnage and will have you gassing up your ride, loading your ammunition, and preparing for a danger-laden run through the Wrecklands. This is a completely new game, so we're not sure how many or if any mechanics from Warp's Edge might carry over, but we do know that Warp's Edge fans have something to look forward to with Wreckland Run.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

That's because the campaign for Wreckland Run will also feature a new expansion for Warp's Edge, so if you've already got the previous Solo Hero game, this is an even better value.

We don't know much else about the campaign or how the mechanics work just yet, but you can sign up to be notified about the Kickstarter campaign right here.

If you're not familiar with Warp's Edge, you can check out the official description for it below, and you can order the game here.

"You are rookie pilot, Taylor Minde. Stranded in the far reaches of space, you emerge from hyperspace to find yourself on the doorstep of the enemy fleet! You go in with cannons blazing, but you're no match for them. In the instant before you are blown up, the ship's experimental SAVIOR protocol warps you back to the start of the battle. The enemy fleet is in front of you again. The mothership looms in the distance. But your laser batteries have reset, too. You have a second chance, and now you know what's coming...

Warp's Edge is a solo bag-building game of space combat. Pilot one of four starfighters, which each have their own unique weapon loadouts. You'll be facing off against one of five alien motherships and its accompanying fleet. Every matchup offers a different challenge, pushing you toward new strategies and tactics. You have a limited number of warps to succeed, so choose wisely as you improve your arsenal and learn new skills!

In this box you will also find a choose-your-path storybook, Singularity, written by Banana Chan. This sets the stage for the events of the game and reveals Taylor's backstory. You can even customize the game setup based on the narrative choices you make!"

Pilot your starfighter into enemy territory to battle the enemy fleet and mothership!
Choose from one of 4 different starfighters, each with unique loadouts!
Each warp will reset your position, but you will now have more skills and to help you get closer to victory!
Includes a choose-your-path storybook to help you customize your experience!
Designed for a Solo Hero of 10 years or older to enjoy in 30-45 min.

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