Did Ubisoft Just Accidentally Leak a New Prince of Persia Game?

It looks like Ubisoft may be working on a new Prince of Persia game, and it may be getting ready to reveal the new entry in the dormant series from yesteryear, or at least that's what a new leak alleges. However, there's something fishy about this latest leak. Earlier this week, Prince of Persia was back from the grave and back in the headlines after "news" that Ubisoft filed a domain name for "princeofpersia6.com" on May 4 began to make the rounds. Adding to the leak was the fact that the domain nameservers were set to Ubisoft's nameservers.

Interestingly, there's also a princeofpersia5.com domain that was registered back in 2005, but obviously nothing ever came out of this. Meanwhile, princeofpersia7.com has not been registered. In other words, this doesn't seem to be a case of Ubisoft preemptively registering domains en masse as a means to get the website before squatters get their hands on it and ask for big money.

As a result, Prince of Persia fans took to the Internet to celebrate what looked like a return after years of dormancy for the series. However, it seems many may have jumped the gun on this.

For one, the chances of the game being called just Prince of Persia 6 are very low. This not only breaks the series' naming convention, but if Ubisoft does bring the series back, you'd have to believe it would be as a reboot at this point.

More fishy than this is that this may be fake domain registered by a third-party rather than Ubisoft. The domain's registrar is GoDaddy rather than Gandai SAS, which is Ubisoft's default registrar. Further, the domain currently has a status code of ClientHold. This means it hasn't been paid for yet.


All of this seems to confirm that this domain is fake. However, this isn't stopping some fans of the franchise for holding onto this glimmer of hope tightly. Further, even if this is nothing, it doesn't mean Ubisoft isn't working on a new Prince of Persia game, though at this point I'm personally skeptical about such a game being in development.

Thanks, Reddit.