Project Scorpio's Final Name Likely Revealed By Leak

Microsoft has done pretty well when it comes to keeping some details a secret concerning their [...]

Project Scorpio

Microsoft has done pretty well when it comes to keeping some details a secret concerning their upcoming new console version Project Scorpio, but with just a few hours to go before the Microsoft conference at E3, a leak from a sizeable retailer has apparently revealed the final name of the console.

Leaked through a Best Buy newsletter in an image shown below, it appears that the final name of the console will be a simple one: Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio

Easy enough to remember with all the buzz around the Project's specs and what its final name might be, calling the finished version Xbox Scorpio seems like a logical conclusion, one that was let loose not long before Microsoft had their chance to officially announce it. The Xbox Twitter account has been reminding people to check in later on today during the big E3 conference where more details on the console will be revealed, but there's been no mention or confirmation of the final name yet, even after the news is circulating of the leak. That's really not too much of a surprise though, as it's unlikely they'd want to give away too much themselves.

The news of the final product's name follows not long after an announcement that carried a pretty strong indication of what the price tag for the supposed Xbox Scorpio will be. In a fairly confident tweet earlier today from Geoff Keighley, he said that he was quite sure that the price of the upcoming console would be $499, a price that would be confirmed today during Microsoft's reveal.

During the same report on the supposed price, we also mentioned that there was a poll running on Keighley's Twitter account in a separate tweet where he was asking people to vote on what they thought the final name of the console would be. Xbox Scorpio was the highest-voted answer at the time, so it looks like voters may get their wish.

There was also some indication in the past that the final name might lean this way. Not too long ago, we reported on a simplistic Project Scorpio logo that was leaked, a segmented "S."

Microsoft's conference at E3 is set to begin today at 2 p.m. PT.