Project Triangle Strategy Announced by Square Enix

The makers of Octopath Traveler have announced Project Triangle Strategy, a new tactical RPG that will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Project Triangle Strategy (a working title) is the latest in its HD-2D series, which mix vivid 3D backgrounds and settings with 2D pixel characters. While the first HD-2D game, Octopath Traveler, was a turn-based RPG with combat focused on a team of four heroes, Project Triangle Strategy will instead use a more tactical combat system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem. Movement and attack range will be impacted by your position on the battlefield, and flanking or pulling behind an enemy can provide additional benefits as well. You can check out a full trailer for Project Triangle Strategy above.

The Nintendo Direct explained an overview of Project Triangle Strategy's themes, which will be set in the Kingdom of Glenbrook. Glenbrook and two neighboring continents become embroiled in a battle over the dwindling resources of salt and iron. Players will assume control of Serenoa, the heir of Glenbrook, as he attempts to guide his country and army through a tangled conflict. Decisions will be based on three convictions - Utility, Morality, and Liberty - and your decisions will lead the story down one of multiple paths. Your allies will also vote on various decisions throughout the game, potentially tipping the scale in one direction or another.

While Project Triangle Strategy won't be released until 2022, Square Enix did release an early demo of the game, which is available on Nintendo's eShop. Square Enix will also release a feedback survey, so players' input will shape the game's final look and feel.

The previous game in the HD-2D series, Octopath Traveler, was widely acclaimed for its innovative battle system and unique graphics. It's interesting to see Square Enix stick with a similar genre and style for its next game but opt for a different tactical system and a seemingly different world. We'll have to see if Octopath Traveler remains wholly apart from Project Triangle Strategy, or if the games are more closely connected then initially believed.

You can download the demo for Project Triangle Strategy now. The full game will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.