Sony Wants More Multiplayer Games on PS4

Xbox and PlayStation, though the gap is closing, both offer very different play experience for gamers. Where Sony's platform is known for their various selection of JRPGs and single-player adventures, Xbox is generally hailed for their multiplayer/shooter experiences such as Halo and Gears of War franchises. It looks like Sony is wanted to add to their repetoire now that Xbox is starting to delve more into the RPG market, which means great things for those looking for more games to play with friends.

That's not to say that Sony doesn't offer fantastic multiplayer adventures, but it looks like they are looking to expand even further. From shooters, to driving games, the pre-existing library could definitely use some love which is something PlayStation 4 players could be seeing in the near future.

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida recently sat down to discuss the future during the Develop: Brighton event. The desire to expand upon games that did offer a multiplayer aspect, such as Uncharted, makes the balance between single-player and multiplayer very achievable.

According to a translation provided to us by Gearnuke, "He is happy with the success of SP games citing God of War and Horizon as brilliant but says that he wishes they had more success on the multiplayer side."

As someone that has always owned both systems, I do love my Xbox for the Gears of War franchise. That being said, RPGs will always be my first love so to see the Sony platform explore both sides of the gaming spectrum would be a huge treat as a gamer. The company is huge with many supporting studios so to expand that multiplayer aspect wouldn't prove to be a detriment to those single-player experiences. I say that because I know that is going to be an immediate concern for anyone reading this.

The perception of "multiplayer" and online games in general has taken a very negative turn in recent years, in large part to mega publishers exploiting the microtransaction feature that used to be tucked away in the background of gaming. That, and many treasure being able to escape away from people a bit into a world of gaming, making online play seem daunting and counter-intuitive. In the same vein, however, multiplayer gaming in general has grown in popularity immensely despite vocal reactions, making it an incredibly smart move for Sony to want to delve into that a bit deeper.

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