Forgotten PS4 Game Officially Cancelled

A forgotten PS4 game has been canceled three years after its announcement, leaving some [...]

A forgotten PS4 game has been canceled three years after its announcement, leaving some PlayStation fans disappointed in the process. For PlayStation, 2021 is all about the PS5, but right now there are far more active PS4 players than PS5 players, and as a result, the PS4 will continue to get games this year, next year, and beyond. In fact, many of Sony's big upcoming exclusives -- such as Horizon Forbidden West -- will be cross-generation releases.

The PS4 is still getting games and will continue to get many great games for at least a couple more years. One game it won't be getting though is Project One Room, which was announced all the way back in 2017 as a homage to Roomania #203, a cult-classic that released in 2000 via the Sega Dreamcast.

After years of silence that led many to forget about the game, its producer, Masaru Oochi has officially confirmed the concerns of many. In other words, the game has been canned.

According to Oochi, the game quickly ran into development issues that actually put a complete stop to the project. A year later, Oochi left FuRyu in an attempt to resume the game's development. After pitching the project to numerous companies, the game's development finally resumed, but as a new project. Over the next 18 months, development continued, but during this period, Oochi's savings were depleted, and then the pandemic hit, which more or less proved to be the nail in the coffin, though there were other contributors to the game's cancellation, including Oochi's dissolving belief that the game would resonate with a modern audience.

Project One Room was in development for the PS4, and as far as we know, only the PS4. That said, not only has it been canceled, but it looks like there's no path to the project's revival.

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