New Leak Basically Confirms EA Access Is Coming to PS4

, EA Access' web code currently hides PS4 and PSN references inside it. Now, why it would have [...]

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(Photo: EA / Sony)

Last week we reported on a story that reportedly showed EA Access running on the Brazilian PlayStation Store. That said, at the time, the claims seemed rather dubious, even if it seems obvious EA Access is coming the platform after EA itself teased the service is being added to a "major platform" later this year. Still, the report was shoddy at best, but apparently accurate, as a new, more convincing leak has surfaced that basically puts the speculation to bed.

Spotted over on Reddit (via Pure Gaming), EA Access' web code currently hides PS4 and PSN references inside it. Now, why it would have such references if there wasn't plans to bring it to the system, is unclear. But within the code, there's even the mention of "Sign in from your PlayStation 4 and link your EA account," and "You need to sign in with your PSN account in order buy an EA Access subscription." As you can see, pretty conclusive stuff.

The only possible explanation other than that EA Access is getting ready to arrive on PS4 is that this is old code when EA was developing the service, which was originally planned to release on both Xbox One and PS4. We don't know how old the code in question is, so this is a possibility.

As you may remember, when EA pitched EA Access all the way back in 2014, it was supposed to come to both consoles. But apparently Sony didn't want to play ball and declined the service, meaning when it launched in 2014, it did so only on Xbox One, which remains the only platform it's available on. That said, it looks like Sony has had a change of heart.

For those out of the loop: EA Access is essentially a Netflix-style subscription service for EA games. For $30 a year you get instant access to many EA-published titles, and other additional incentives, like the ability to play EA games before they release. Unlike EA's similar service on PC -- Origin Access -- it does not include non-EA games.

Anyway, given this is a leak, it should be taken with a grain of salt like any leak would be, but it seems fairly obvious at this point that the service is coming to PS4 -- the question is: when?