PlayStation Is Giving Away Free PS4 Goodies for the Holidays

It's December, which means Christmas and other holidays are right around the corner. And just like previous years, PlayStation is celebrating by giving PS4 players free goodies. This year is being celebrated with a free, Christmas-themed dynamic theme. As you may know, European PS4 players got a similar offer the other week, however, they also got discount codes to use in the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, there's no such offer for North American players, who will have to settle with just a free theme. That said, not everyone is getting said theme. It appears Sony Interactive Entertainment is giving them out randomly via email.

In other words, be sure to check your email account associated with your PSN account. Further, if you don't see anything in your inbox, be sure to peep your spam. Sometimes these emails end up there. However, there's a good chance you won't see anything from PlayStation in your email, because it seems it's doing this in limited quantities. Further, if you don't configure your PSN account to allow Sony to send you promotional emails -- like this one -- well then you're automatically out of the running.

Anyway, below you can check out the theme, courtesy of YouTube channel RenakWong. As you can see, it features its own special Christmas and holiday-themed artwork and music. However, unfortunately it doesn't have unique dashboard sounds or dashboard icons, which most dynamic themes do.

Again, there's a good chance you won't receive the email with this theme. However, what you can do to celebrate the holidays this year is cuddle up with a copy of Death Stranding, the PS4's latest big exclusive.


"The nucleus of Death Stranding is its slow burning story that brews classic sci-fi with old weird fiction on top of foundational ideas and perspectives redolent of writers and visionaries like Kobo Abe and Franz Kafka," reads a snippet from our official review of the game. "Similar to Metal Gear Solid, the story of Death Stranding is a complicated multi-layered narrative that will make you feel lost, but never loses you, and pays back your patience with mind-shattering revelations and remarkable interweaving of personal, intimate moments with an exploration of life's biggest questions. And the vehicle to all of this is Kojima's signature style of storytelling, which evokes his past work, but also evolves it."