PlayStation Gamer Accused By FBI of Using PS4 to Sell Cocaine

Some people use their PlayStation 4 to make friends. Others use it watch movies and Netflix. Some even use it to play games. And then there are PlayStation gamers who use the PS4 to sell cocaine, just as Sony intended for the console to be used. According to a new report, in November the FBI contacted Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to get information on a PS4 user who -- according to the FBI -- was using PlayStation Network to push cocaine and sell it at a rate of $34,000 per kilogram. Now, I know what you're thinking: seems like an inefficient way to sell drugs, but apparently it got the FBI's attention.

The report comes way of Motherboard, who notes the FBI filed a search warrant back in October, politely demanding Sony to dish out everything it knew and had on Curtis Alexander, better known as Speedola20 on PSN.

Now, I know what you're thinking: how did the FBI end up on this trail? Well, it was tipped off about Alexander's -- alleged -- criminal activity via an informant, who was later used in a sting operation that involved purchasing about 100 grams of cocaine. The meeting was set up over party chat and PSN's messaging service.

Unfortunately, that's where the details dry up. In fact, it's unclear if Sony willingly handed over the information, though you assume it did. Not many are willing to say no to the FBI, after all. It's also unclear whether Alexander has been caught and it's also unclear what games Alexander frequented. Presumably he played multiplayer games where he could communicate with other players.


As you may know, gaming has masked plenty of criminal activity in the past, and this is for a multitude of reasons. For one, player activity isn't closely regulated, and two, it's easy to communicate with a massive amount of people, including children, who are more susceptible than your average adult.

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