This PS5 Concept Art Video Is Stunning

Next generation talk continues to be a hot topic with even publishers themselves discussing what's next on the gaming horizon. With both the PlayStation 5 and the codenamed Xbox Scarlet looming closer and closer, one French artist decided to put their own creative input into the mix with a visually stunning render of what they'd like to see the next PlayStation platform look like.

The artist in question's name is Joseph Dumary and his elegant design puts a much sleeker spin on a classic. Though still true to the core design of the console, the controller itself looks like a hybrid of the PlayStation, Xbox, and N64 modules. Pair that with the colour choice offered - still within the signature blue hue family that PlayStation is known for - and the unexpected design is actually something we'd love to see come to life on the mass market.

The artist even provided a full feature list set including what makes this a "smart console," the interactive DualShock controllers, and even real dynamic weather technology! According to the video's official description:

  • Smart Console – Records and adapts gamers' behavior to provide preferred controller settings, applies game options automatically, and installs necessary apps to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Air HDMI – Go entirely wireless with the ability to place the console anywhere. It works up to 4m from your TV without any loss in image quality.
  • Eco Mode – Like the PS4 Eco, the console consumes zero electricity in standby mode or when you navigate through menus, view photos, or an app thanks to the rechargeable battery integrated into the console. This also eliminates short circuit problems, giving users 5 minutes to save their progress and turn off the console safely.
  • New DualShock – An all new PS5 controller sports a curved touch screen that allows instant access to settings without changing the screen. Here users can also receive messages and invitations. A fingerprint scanner also allows you (and only you!), to save your progress and preferences. — Additionally, for the first time ever, the controller no longer needs wired recharging. Thanks to the partnership with the "Energous" Group which is at the origin of "Watt Up", the controller is permanently recharged wirelessly thanks to a permanent connection with the console.
  • Stress Sensor – The controller also features a stress sensor. The more stressed you are, the more difficult the game becomes. If you play Fifa, and the stress level is huge, you can make bad passes for example. If you play Gran Turismo, you will be less accurate behind the wheel. It adds an entirely new dimension to gaming strategy!
  • Real Dynamic Weather Technology – An immersive features, this function can be set to automatically mimic the weather in real life, no matter the game you're playing.
  • Translate By Playstation – real time translating between players, whether it's audio or text!

So what do you think? Pretty intense right? Would you like to see this be the next generation or do you think it's a little too show-boaty? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!