First PS5 Game File Sizes Revealed And They Are Big

The first file sizes for some of Sony's marquee PS5 games have been revealed, and they are big. If you thought the next-generation of gaming and the PS5's SSD would eliminate big file sizes, well, it looks like you shouldn't hold your breath. While there are tech advancements within the PS5 that will help reduce the file sizes of games, injecting 4K, ray-tracing, and creating bigger and more detailed worlds will likely ensure this reduction is not felt when it comes to downloading your favorite games and updates for them.

For example, we now know, via PlayStation itself, that Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales -- which is smaller in scope than 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man -- will require at least 50GB. However, if you cop the Ultimate Launch Edition of the game, which comes with a PS5 remaster of Marvel's Spider-Man, you will need 105GB of space.

Meanwhile, we also have the file size for Sony's other big PS5 launch game: Demon's Souls, which is a true next-gen exclusive. And it will require 66GB of space. Now, Demon's Souls is a pretty sizeable game, taking 30 to 80 hours to beat depending on how much content you want to see. And it does look incredible on PS5, but 66GB is a pretty meaty download size, and it makes you wonder how big games like GTA 6 and Cyberpunk 2077 will be.

This generation, we've seen games shoot over 100GB, and it looks like that may be the case this generation as well, which is a problem in an era of data caps and where large parts of the country still don't have great Internet.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, priced at $400 or $500 depending on whether you cop the all-digital version of the console or the standard version with a disc-drive.


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