PS5 Fans Surprised With New Quality of Life Update

It looks like PlayStation 5 owners have been surprised with a new update to the console that improves one notable feature. Since the PS5 launched at the end of 2020, PlayStation fans have continued to make it known that Sony has had some additional work to do with the platform's user interface. And while Sony has taken these criticisms to heart and has made small tweaks over time, not all of the PS5's annoyances have gone away. Fortunately, in regard to the "Explore" section of the PS5, it looks like it has now been altered to resemble what was previously seen on PS4. 

Within the past week, Sony seems to have slowly started implementing changes to the Explore tab of the PS5 dashboard. Previously, some PS5 owners were annoyed by the way that the Explore section presented itself, primarily because it just served to promote various games on PlayStation. Now, this new edition of the Explore tab more prominently features your own trophy level and contains a section dedicated to Friend activity. While Sony still promotes various new games that are available on PS5 in this section, the adjustments make it far less cumbersome than it once was. 

It's worth noting that this update to the PS5's Explore page isn't actually an update to the console itself, which means that there is no patch that you'll need to download to receive this change yourself. Furthermore, this change is one that seems to have not rolled out to all PS5 owners around the globe. Instead, it seems that these alterations are only appearing on PS5 consoles in the United States for the time being. Assuming that this revision to the dashboard is met with positivity from fans, though, it seems likely that all PS5 consoles will get this update in the future. 

Have you received this new update to the Explore section of your own PS5 yet? And what else would you like to see Sony improve on the console in the future? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

[H/T Push Square]