PS5 Launch Lineup May Be Bigger Than Previous PlayStation Consoles

Earlier this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment pulled back the curtain and announced the PlayStation 5 and its first details. While the PlayStation makers opted to withhold information about the system's price and release date, it did divulge that it will be backwards compatible with the PS4, have an "appealing" price-point, support 8K visuals, and have some wicked fast loading times. It was a proper information dump by Sony, one that fans greatly appreciated. However, like with any info dump, there's interesting tidbits that got buried. And one of these tidbits is word that Sony is already sending out PlayStation 5 developer kits.

Speaking to Wired, lead architect on the PS5, Mark Cerny, revealed that Sony has "accelerated" its deployment of PS5 devkits so that developers have more time to get comfortable and support the system ahead of its launch, which will presumably come sometime late next year. According to Cerny, a lot of developer feedback on the PS4 was taken into consideration when making the PlayStation 5, so hopefully this means the system will be even easier to develop for, and allow developers to fully bring alive their visions.

That all said, word that Sony is getting its devkits out early could prove beneficial for gamers who pick the system up at launch. Normally, console launch line-ups aren't great. There's usually a handful of system sellers on top of a pile of less interesting and compelling games that don't really milk the new system's hardware all that well. It usually takes 12-18 months of a system being on shelves before it really starts to get into a stride. However, with Sony making sure to get developer kits out early, there's a chance the PS5 will have a more robust launch lineup than previous PlayStation consoles. You'd assume that some first-party studios, and potentially bigger third-party studios, have known about the PS5's specs for awhile, and have been developing with that in mind, but for the wider base of developers, getting a devkit now will be great, and hopefully allow many studios to release games near the system's launch.

Cerny has also teased that the transition from this generation to next will be a gradual one, suggesting there will be multiple cross-gen releases, which could further bolster the launch lineup of the PS5.

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