PlayStation Insider Shares Update on PS5 Pro Controller

A PlayStation insider has shared an update on the rumored PS5 Pro controller. A Sony event is set to go down on June 28, and according to a report, Sony is going to unveil its new "INZONE" line, comprised of three pairs of headphones and two gaming monitors. The event itself has been confirmed, but the contents of the event have not, though in Sony's announcement it did seemingly drop a subtle tease at INZONE. That said, at the time of the initial report, there was some speculation that the rumored PS5 Pro controller could be revealed at this hardware event. According to a follow-up from industry insider and leaker, Tom Henderson, this isn't going to happen.

Henderson doesn't say when the controller will be revealed, but he claims it will definitely not be at this event, which will be limited to the INZONE line, which the controller is not a part of. As for the controller itself, we still same details. Henderson claims it's "a genuine professional controller" being made under the codename "Hunt." It's said to have the same form, but there are some hardware adjustments, such as removable analog sticks, trigger stops, rear buttons, and removable grips. In addition to this, PlayStation fans are told to expect software upgrades as well. 

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. It sounds like the controller is getting read to be revealed, but it's not going to be anytime in the immediate future, as Sony will surely want to give the INZONE reveal some time and space. As we wait for more information -- both of the official variety and the unofficial variety as well -- be sure to catch up on all of the latest PlayStation news either by clicking right here or by perusing the relevant and recent links right below.