Save PS5 Storage Space by Disabling One Feature

If you’ve got a PlayStation 5 in your possession by now, you’ve likely already started downloading the newest games for the platform and possibly have moved over some of your favorites from the PlayStation 4. For those who’ve been doing that, you’ve likely watched your precious PlayStation 5 storage space get filled up quickly with games new and old with only a percentage of the space available for anything coming in the future. Before you start removing games and deleting saved data to make room preemptively, make sure you disable one feature if you find you don’t need it to make sure you’re saving as much space as possible.

The feature in question, according to a helpful heads up from GameSpot, is one that automatically records videos of the moments when players earn trophies in their games. It’s one of the many features we saw previews of before the console launched that’s helpful if you’re big on sharing your most triumphant moments. If you’re satisfied with the PlayStation 5 just taking screenshots of the trophy moments like we saw from the PlayStation 4, it may be excessive to you, and more importantly, it’s eating away at your precious storage space.

Thankfully, there’s an option for turning off that feature so that you’re left with only screenshots from the moments you earn your trophies. Disabling this feature is a simple and quick process outlined below that’ll make it so that the console will no longer record videos for earned trophies.

Disabling Automatic Trophy Videos on PlayStation 5

  1. Head to the PlayStation 5’s “Settings” menu.
  2. Highlight the “Captures and Broadcasts” option, then highlight the “Trophies” section.
  3. On the option that says “Save Trophy Videos,” choose to disable it.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll hopefully find yourself saving some more space on your console. Screenshots obviously take up less space than videos, but if you don’t want either one of them, you can disable the former to have no automatic captures from trophy moments. If you’d prefer to keep the video feature enabled, you can also change the duration of the videos the system captures when you earn a trophy so that they’re longer or shorter, but know that doing so will affect how much space the videos take up.

For those who want to capture their own achievements instead of letting the PlayStation 5 do it, the DualSense controller makes that a pretty simple process as well.