PS5 Owners Get Good News Following Concerning PlayStation Report

PlayStation 5 owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to recent concerns that have come about with the console. Just a couple of days back, a new report came about stating that PS5 consoles that were displayed in a vertical fashion had a chance of being damaged over the long haul. Essentially, it was said that the liquid metal within the PS5 that is used for cooling could spread to other parts of the console internally when sitting vertically for too long, which could damage the hardware. And while this news freaked out a number of PlayStation fans, it sounds like there's nothing to worry about after all. 

In a new update shared on Twitter, Wololo, who originally shared this report in question about the PS5 and its potential concerns, made clear that there was a "critical misunderstanding" with what they had said previously. Basically, rather than this problem affecting all PS5 consoles that have simply been taken out of their box and set up, the source at the center of this ordeal instead meant that the error would only potentially impact PS5s that have been opened up for repairs. As such, if your own PS5 has never been cracked into, it should be perfectly fine. 

All in all, this story is quite funny to look back on now that we've received new information. While it might have seemed bewildering that standing the PS5 vertically would damage the console in the long run, longtime video game fans have already seen plenty of strange hardware errors in the past (looking at you, Red Ring of Death). As such, it's never a bad thing to be too safe with your video game consoles, but PS5 owners shouldn't have to stress anymore if their own hardware is sitting upright. 

Were you previously concerned about this whole situation with vertical PS5 consoles when it started circling this past week? And out of curiosity, how is your own PS5 set up -- vertically or horizontally? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12