PS5 Console Design Leak Has Major Problem

The PS5 is set to release sometime later this year, and the closer we get to the next-gen PlayStation console, the more rumors, reports, and "leaks" pertaining to the console surface. And until Sony unveils the console's design, the most common product of the PlayStation rumor mill is going to be alleged designs of the system. And that's exactly what we recently got, and it's almost certainly fake. Despite this, it's been making the rounds quite a bit, mostly because of the ramifications if it's legit. If you haven't seen the leaked design yet, well, let's just say it features a bold and odd design.

The leak begins with some mock-ups making the rounds that claim to be official mock-ups of the consumer version of the PS5. Again, everything about the mock-ups seem fake, however, not long after they started to float around social media and gaming forums, an image reared its head on 4chan claiming to be of the final consumer console. Now, more so than the mock-ups, this "leak" screams fake. For one, PlayStation hasn't even begun manufacturing consumer PS5's yet, so this would have to be some type of promotional model. Two, it features all the signs of shoddy photoshop.


Beyond the 4chan post trying to hop on the bandwagon, there's also a major issue with the alleged mock-ups. The design is too small. Current speculation is that the PS5 runs with a 2GHx GPU clock. If this is the case, there's no way this design could support the tech. In other words, if this is the design -- and again, it almost certainly isn't -- then the PS5 will likely run very loud and hot.

Again, I want to reiterate, these mock-ups are very, very likely nothing more than fakes. That said, credible leaks of the PS5 dev kit show that it does boast a peculiar design, even by dev kit standards. In other words, perhaps there's a chance the consumer version of the console will also feature an unconventional design.