PS5 Gets Great News for Future Availability

PlayStation fans who are still looking to buy Sony's PS5 console have today received great news about the video game hardware. Since releasing at the end of 2020, the PS5 has been extremely hard to come by. Nearly two years after launch, the PS5 still doesn't appear on the shelves of most retail stores, which means that the only way to buy the console is to do so the moment a restock happens online. Fortunately, if recent trends are any indication, it sounds like this might not continue to be true moving forward. 

According to tech analyst David Gibson, the stock of the PS5 has shot up drastically year-over-year from September 2021 to September 2022. As of this past month, Sony is said to have shipped roughly 7.5 million kilograms of hardware to the United States, which is an increase of five times compared to last September. While this doesn't mean that five times more PS5 consoles alone were shipped to the U.S., Gibson also noted that Sony's stock of the platform is said to have greatly improved recently and likely attributed in a big way to this rise. 

The main reason why PS5 stock is improving at this point is likely two-fold. For starters, the holiday season is around the corner, which means that Sony is naturally going to look to make the PS5 easier to buy than normal. Additionally, though, God of War Ragnarok is slated to also drop in less than a month and will surely be the biggest PlayStation release of the year. With this in mind, Sony surely wants to guarantee that it has plenty of PS5 consoles to sell to customers who want to play Ragnarok on the latest PlayStation hardware. Whether or not this means that PS5 units will begin regularly appearing on store shelves remains to be seen, but it definitely seems like it could be easier to buy the console in the weeks and months ahead. 

Are you still looking to snag a PS5 console for yourself at this point in time? And what do you think about the stock of the console finally getting better? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.