Super Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Weighs in on PS5

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai has gotten a chance to test out the PlayStation 5 console, having secured one for his own personal collection on launch day in Japan. The beloved creator devoted his most recent column in Weekly Famitsu (translated by Kotaku) to discussing Sony's new system, and even where he's storing it in his personal console library. In the piece, Sakurai discusses some PS5 features he's less fond of, and some changes that he would like to see in the future. However, it seems that, overall, Sakurai is a very big fan of the next-gen console.

“Using [the console], I thought every action was quick and nimble,” Sakurai wrote. “Even when loading, depending on the situation, it was surprisingly speedy. The feeling of this rhythm was wonderful.”

Interestingly enough, it seems that Sakurai's biggest concern with the system is one shared by many other PS5 owners: space. While Sony does not seem overly concerned about internal storage at the moment, many fans are, particularly since there isn't a Sony approved method of expanding that space, at the moment.

“The capacity of the internal SSD, to be candid, is small and is already filled up. Taking out the operating system part, the amount that can actually be used is, what, 600GB?”

Sakurai has a passion for gaming as a medium, and that passion has been on full display over the last few months. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Sakurai has been filming his Nintendo Direct presentations from home, where gamers have gotten the chance to see his personal gaming set-up, which includes countless consoles from various companies. While Sakurai was able to get the system to fit on his shelves, he ended up moving it behind his well-ventilated TV, for fear of heating issues. That isn't the only issue Sakurai had with the system, however. The director also wants to see the return of PS4's folder creation option, as he prefers to keep his games organized on the system. "This is a pain," wrote Sakurai.

The director does not feel like the system has a lot of games at the moment, and the first thing that he played on PS5 was The Ninja Warriors, as a result. Despite these early concerns, Sakurai seems enthusiastic about the future.


“Overall, I am very satisfied! I think this looks like the start of a long relationship [with the PS5], and I definitely want to cherish [the console],” wrote Sakurai.

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